Oregon Drone Laws (2020)

These laws are in addition to FAA Laws and Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Rules

This is for information purposes only please consult all federal and local laws before flying. Below is a list of Oregon drone laws to follow while flying in Oregon State

ORS 837.36 Restrictions

A public body may not operate an unmanned aircraft system in the airspace over this state without registering the unmanned aircraft system with the Oregon Department of Aviation.

837.372 Operation over critical infrastructure facility

Except as provided in subsection (3) of this section, a person commits a Class A violation if the person intentionally or knowingly:

(a) Operates an unmanned aircraft system over a critical infrastructure facility at an altitude not higher than 400 feet above ground level; or

(b) Allows an unmanned aircraft system to make contact with a critical infrastructure facility, including any person or object on the premises of or within the facility.

20.12.180 Remote Control Vehicles, Aircraft and Watercraft.
No person shall operate any remote-controlled internal combustion powered vehicle, or any remote-controlled electric or internal combustion powered watercraft or aircraft, in, on or over any Park, except in such places the Director may designate for such use.

Please check local city regulations before flying. If flying in city parks check the welcome sign to see if there are any additional restrictions.