Drone Airspace Map

Flying a drone whether recreationally or commercially is getting more regulated by the day. While finding places to fly your drone can be easy, following the FAA drone regulations aren’t always as simple which is why we put together the drone airspace map. In addition states are continuing to add more drone laws to there books.  We at Drone Wasteland do our best to keep you as up to date as possible on where you can fly your drone. Below is an interactive map of FAA drone rules.

Points on a map

We have compiled this map from many databases including the FAA, Homeland Security, National Parks Services, National Forest Service and Washington State. Check out our interactive map of drone laws by state.

As always please consult FAA drone rules app B4UFLY and local drone regulations. Most apps do not show local state, county or city no fly zones. While we do our best to have as many local no fly zones as possible on our site, having 100% is impossible due to the lack of real organization between agencies.

If you want to learn more about FAA class airspace click here. It is important to make sure you are educated about aviation before starting to fly drones.