30 Day DJI Mavic Mini Review (2020)

Below is an unbiased 30 day review of my experience flying the DJI Mavic Mini. This wasn’t just a new drone to me, it was my first drone ever and boy has these past 30 days changed my future. The image below is my Airdata UAV screenshot of my first 30 days.

The Bad

This is the most obvious bad in the group. Not only can the DJI Mavic Mini not handle wind well, it can’t actually result in a lost drone. Due to the small size and weight of this drone, the wind can quiet literally blow your mini away. For this reason, If you live in an area that has a good amount of winds (check UAV Forecast App); you have to stay away from this drone. If you don’t you will have many days of going home frustrated by not being able to fly the way you wanted to that given day. For myself, I know that if ground level winds are in the double digits, the Mavic Mini won’t fly as designed. DJI says max wind resistance is roughly 18 mph and I find this to be accurate.

The problem isn’t so much as the range but in the consistence of the range. It has comaparent to me that on any given the day the range of the mini will be different. In addition to this, even the smallest obstruction like trees can cause huge range losses (and I mean individual trees not a solid line of trees). While it was frustrating to never know how far my Mavic Mini would fly, this issue was solved by buying cheap range extenders on amazon.

While the quality of the photos aren’t the issue here, the format available is. The DJI Mavic Mini doesn’t output raw file formats which gives you less flexibility if you enjoy editing your photos. While I can still edit the jpg files in Lightroom, it’s easier to get grainy photos if you are making a lot of adjustments.

The Litchi App is a great tool that many DJI drones can utilize but the Mavic Mini isn’t one of them. There are rumors that this will be available soon, until then it is a serious negative.

The follow me or active tracking feature is a cool tool if you enjoy the drone video following yourself or a moving object. While it probably isn’t something that most people would use every time they fly, it’s still a useful feature and one I’d really want.

The Good

Durability of the Mavic Mini is excellent. I have crashed it twice and the only damage was on the propellers. The crashed resulted in chips in the propellers and it was an easy fix just swapping them out. I have also flow in light rain and it handled it with no problem.

The Flight time has been impressive. While it’s advertised at 30 mins, that isn’t in real world conditions and everyone should be aware of that. Most of my flight have been around 20 minutes and landing with 5-10% battery life left. This is also in 35-55°F temperatures which aren’t optimal flight conditions.

Quiet simply put, the DJI Mavic Mini is a breeze to fly. The controls are easy for even newbies like I was. It does take practice to get really smooth but anyone can fly this thing.

Buy the Fly More Kit! The extra batteries are a must and the battery charger that holds all 3 batteries is a nice plus. Those pieces alone would be over the additional $100you pay to get the fly more combo plus you also get a carrying case and a propeller guard.

The price of the DJI Mavic Mini is unbeatable for what you get. Not only do you get a drone from the top drone brand but you get a drone that can perform very well. For anyone who wants an entry level drone to just have fun with, this is it. Even creating high quality videos for platforms like Youtube is possible. 

Have these preset video quick shots allows even the brand new novice the chance to get smooth video clips. The 4 shots allow you to just select the target and hit the start button. The software does the rest. These modes work best on smaller objects like humans or car and not so well on larger items like buildings.

DJI states the operating temperature is between 32° to 104°F. The hottest mine has gotten is 101.1°F on one flight but no other flight was above 100°F. I do live in a colder climate and most flights are between 35-55°F which helps with the battery temperature.

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