Can You Fly Drones in State Parks

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The first question that normally comes to many new drone pilots when exploring where they can fly is: Can you fly drones in state parks? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no because it depends on the individual state drone laws. The state level regulations can be frustrating for new drone flyers to find. Some states requires a permit before being able to fly drones in state parks, while others have no restrictions. Then there are states that prohibit flying in their state parks. The below interactive map shows the state park drone flying limitation in each state.

State Parks

Flying Drones In State Parks

Flying Drones in state parks can be one of the most enjoyable flying experiences for drone pilots. Whether you just want to fly and grab some video or take a picturesque photo of the scneic landscape, state parks in the U.S. are perfect for drone pilots. Even plan a state park road trip for even more drone flying fun. Always rember to keep you drone within line of sight and consult with the national park service before operating your drone.

If you live in a permit or no flying in state park state, there are still ways you can fly your drone and get the same scenic photos and video. The easiest way is to look at the boundary of the state park and go to a near location. A great example is Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. The landscape is the same all around the state park and there is no need to get close to take scenic landcape drone photos. Flight operations are allowed in this area even though the landscape is the same.

FAA Drone Regulations

Please remember to follow all federal and state laws during drone flights. In no way does flying in a state owned park reduce the FAA regulations for recreational and commercial drone pilots. Always protect yourself and verify legality with the individual state park you plan on flying in.

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