Best Way to Find Drone Flying Locations

Finding places to fly your drone can be a challenge. Luckily there are several tools out there available for us to find great locations. Below are some of the best way to find drone flying locations.

We have created our Interactive U.S. map to allow users to find drone flying locations around them. We rely on our users to add photos to our map and share with the Drone Wasteland community. Since our database is user reliant please feel free to add your own photos to help out other recreational drone flyers.

Google Photo Spheres

If you’re looking for a location that hasn’t been explored by a drone yet, one of the best tools is google maps. When you enable photo spheres on the google map, you can see 360 degree pictures from sites around the U.S. I personally have found great locations by looking for these photo sphere clusters and then zooming in and exploring the different photos.

Instagram Feed


Instagram can be a great place to find drone flying locations by searching for photographers around you. Most of these will be ground based photographers but they can give you great insight on prime locations around you. So search instagram for local photographers and start compiling a list of your future drone flights.