DJI Mavic Air Deal (04/13/20)

Currently the best deal on the DJI Mavic Air Fly More Bundle!

DJI Official Ebay store has the Mavic Air Fly more bundle for $699. Original price when realeased was over $1000. Price drop is in anticipation of the Mavic Air 2 release. DJI Refurbished Fly More bundle is also available for $599

Should You Buy the DJI Mavic Air

Deciding whether to buy a drone when a new version is around the corner is a big deal but this is a great deal. This Fly More bundle is priced $200 more than the Mavic Mini Bundle. So in reality your choice is between the Mini and this Mavic Air bundle. So what does the Mavic Air have over the Mavic Mini? 

The biggest advantage it has is the ability to have more control with videos and photos. Meaning you can get the raw format files instead of only jpg or mp4. This allows more manipulation in the editing phase. However, what if you don’t care about that benefit. Then it comes down to the ability that the Mavic Air can handle more wind than the Mavic Mini. The Mavic Air can handle 5-6 mph higher winds than the Mavic Mini and this can be extremely important if you live in a windy location.

Another key difference is flight time. The Mavic Air has a max flight time of 21 minutes compared to the 30 minutes for the Mavic Mini. Flight time is important because when flying a drone, the time really does fly by and if you don’t plan out your flight you won’t complete your mission.